Monday, 28 May 2012

Things To Look Forward To...

Sorry for the blog hiatus, it's been crazy with exams and everything. Well not only exams, but also my intense eBay search for the Canon 50mm f/1.4 which in itself has taken up a few hours, there have been a few close calls with 5 second outbid but now I'm holding back bids on about 6 of them, all hovered around 360 at the moment so fingers crossed! 

In more news, I've organised a trip with a few of my friends to Stockholm! I'm pretty excited, not gonna lie. This means I can get my hands on some of the aforementioned Weekday clothes, maybe one of the highlights aha. Literally counting down the days to this trip (26) as it marks the beginning of the summer holidays = highlight of the year (my birthday might be in them... always exciting). Already planned a few things and been on some websites, but i heard about a sunday flee market with no idea whatsoever as to whether its antiques or vintage clothes as well, if people know anything...
Anyway if any of you have any suggestions as to where's good for shopping/sight seeing around Stockholm it would be greatly appreciated!

Please be mine so I can take you here:

(Photos taken from Google)

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  1. gosh, i'm so jealous. i used to live in stockholm for about half a year! such a wonderful city! can't wait to go back again for some days!!! big love!

    head + heels


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